Smoke Ghost is the sensational innovation in the market of sploofs that allows you to smoke anywhere without the smell of the smoke lingering with you. The Smoke Ghost transforms your smoke odor into lovely fragrances potent enough to overwhelm the smell of what you're burning. Prepare to embrace the freedom of smoking anywhere without concern of the smell. Here are some of the features of the Smoke Ghost:

  • Gets rid of the smell of smoke: Smoke discretely wherever you like
  • Contains scent cartridge: The smoke odor transforms into an aromatic fragrance
  • Portable: Able to be hidden in your hand
  • Interchangeable scents: The scent cartridge (the colored top) is interchangeable with other bases (the black bottom) allowing you to mix and match scents with others without using their mouthpiece
  • Reduces second-hand smoke: The toxins in the smoke exhaled through the Ghost is filtered
  • Free Shipping! (U.S. Only); Guaranteed Delivery in 4-5 days 



Lucky Lemon


The luckiest of all flavors, Lucky Lemon carries the classic and wondrous aroma of fresh lemons. Fair warning: If you have the munchies while using the Ghost, you might crave lemons.


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This smoke filter works so much better than others I've tried. And it smells so goooood!!! Like REAL lemons! Not artificial or anything. Definitely going to be making another purchase here, really wanna try the other scents now

Great for covering up the dankess

RaynLuva 82

Great product .... smoke somthing and blow right into the Smoke Ghost and the lovely scent fills the air.