Q - How does the Smoke Ghost work?

A - The Smoke Ghost completely removes the odor from the substance you're smoking and the remaining smoke coming from your pipe or bong. 


Q - How do the scents work?

A - Each smoke ghost contains a unique scent that overcomes the smoke odor of the burning of the substance.


Q - What separates us from our competitors?

A - We live off the idea that we can smoke anywhere at anytime with our interchangeable scents. Our products use high quality materials to insure full functionality. Smoke Ghost is small and portable, making it easy to carry around with your other smoking essentials.


Q - Does Smoke Ghost ship internationally?

A - The smoke ghost can be shipped to all 50 states and to most countries. shipping cost is not included.


Q - What ways of smoking work best with Smoke Ghost?

A -  Bongs and pipes are our biggest recommendation. the amount of weed that should be packed is determined how discreet you need to be; nonetheless, joints and blunts still work very well due to the power of the fragrance although does not work to its full potential.


Q - How long does Smoke Ghost last?

A - The lifetime of a Smoke Ghost depends on how much the user smokes. its maximum fragrance lasts up to 500 exhales.


Q - How can I buy a Smoke Ghost? (Forms of Payment)

A - Smoke Ghost can be purchased with most major card holders as well as through PayPal and Apple Pay.


Q - How can I contact you for further questions?

A - You can contact us by emailing us at smokeghostcorp@gmail.com.