What is Smoke Ghost?

Simply put, Smoke Ghost masks the odor of the smoke you exhale with aromatic fragrances. This essentially means that you can smoke anywhere in the world without leaving a trace. Here is a short summary of all the benefits and features the little Ghost provides:

  • Prevents second-hand smoke
  • Saves environment from polluting and carcinogenic toxins
  • Contains interchangeable scent cartridges
  • Masks odor of smoke completely, can be used indoors and in vehicles
  • Portable, under 3 inches long and under 2 inches thick

Now let's delve deeper into the Ghost's power.


You may have seen similar smoking filters that attempt to deal with the smell of smoke. Smoke Ghost is distinct in that it not only filters your smoke but it alters the scent of your smoke into essential oil fragrances. The oil fragrances not only smell delightful, they combat the smell of the burning end of the substance you're smoking in order to fully mask the smell.

The nozzle component of the Ghost contains a carbon filter that cleanses the smoke as you blow through. The nozzle is wide enough at the base (about 1.5 inches) to encapsulate your lips as the smoke leaves your mouth. This means that all of the smoke passes through the nozzle.

The first component of the device is the nozzle, the second component is the scent cartridge, the magical part. The scent cartridge contains an essential oils compound that radically transforms the odor of your smoke. This stuff smells sweet.


Interchangeable Scents

One of the most awesome features of these scent cartridges is that they're interchangeable. Every scent cartridge is compatible with the filter. Typically, a scent cartridge is 100% efficient in altering smoke odor for around 300 blow throughs (this is for our current prototype, we expect to increase this number once the first PO is placed). After this point, the cartridge gradually declines in efficacy.  So once one scent cartridge begins to decline in potency, you can simply replace it with another. This adds even more life to your Ghost.

Prevents Second-Hand Smoke

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), since 1964, approximately 2,500,000 nonsmokers have died from health problems caused by exposure to secondhand smoke. In children, secondhand smoke causes the following: ear infections, more frequent and severe asthma attacks, respiratory symptoms and infections (bronchitis and pneumonia), and a greater risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Obviously smoking is associated with these types of risks. One of our goals is to mitigate such negative externalities with Smoke Ghost. Exhaling the smoke through the Ghost filters the toxins and carcinogens in the smoke so others you are smoking around do not feel its harmful effects.

Save the Trees!

In addition to saving people from the harmful effects of smoke, Smoke Ghost saves the environment from the harmful effects of smoke. According to WebMD, the smoke from "three cigarettes can cause more air pollution than a diesel car's exhaust" (Hitti, 2004). Environmental tobacco smoke is a major source of particulate matter pollution. This air pollution is associated with numerous respiratory problems and lung diseases.  A single cigarette smoked indoors causes toxin concentrations "that are often higher than the federal air quality standards designed to protect public health in ambient air outdoors" (exposurescience.org). With Smoke Ghost, however, you can smoke your cigarettes without polluting your home and community's air. The Ghost allows you to smoke in your home without producing these dangerously high toxin concentrations.


Smoke Discretely

As you've learned from the earlier portion of this description, when you use Smoke Ghost to smoke all the odors associated with the smoke vanish and return as savory scents. This allows you to smoke anywhere without the scent of the smoke disturbing others. The Ghost masks the smell of the smoke so well you wouldn't smell the smoke inside a car if you rolled up all the windows. Indeed, the filter and the essential oils work together to eliminate such odors.